For the Love of Fondant… or Not!

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I am not a big fan of fondant. Just thought I should get that out in the open right off the bat. It’s a pain to work with, leaves much to be desired on the taste front and it’s just not my preferred medium when it comes to cakes amazon serien auf pc herunterladen.

On the other hand…

Read some of the better points of and tips for working with fondant over at Nibbles ‘n Bites free albums.

No comic-April 21

Hi gang! I’m in the midst of wedding cake preparations for my baby brother’s nuptuals this coming weekend (already so many potential comics!) so no comic today and no cocktail post on Friday skype für pc kostenlos herunterladen. Back to what passes for normal next week 🙂

Until then, hop over to the 64 Arts for a glimpse at one of my earlier cakes and don’t forget to check out the Nibbles post for a story from my first experience making (and delivering!) a wedding cake apache open office kostenlosen.

Also, Dee from Say Anything interviewed me for Thursday’s post–if you’re looking for some interesting blogs to read, check out my fellow interviewees alle bilder von einer seiteen!

Little Lessons from Big Cakes

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The first wedding cake I ever made was a bit of an architectural nightmare. Not because the bride wanted a conglomeration of little cakes but because I was living in student housing and we had a mini-stove with a half-sized oven that wouldn’t hold anything more than 12″ wide kostenlos virenschutzprogramm downloaden.

Read the rest of this cake adventure over at Nibbles ‘n Bites.

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50 Shots of America–Rhode Island

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Seems to like all Rhode Island ever wanted was to be left alone and they just never stood a chance. An early haven for seekers of religious tolerance it was later the Switzerland of New England during the American Indian wars of 17th Century (even though no one really honored their wish to remain neutral lightworks free. Strong feelings of independence made it a major player in the American Revolution, hosting the first official bloodshed of the war in Providence.

Read more about the Ocean State and my recipe for hope in a glass over at Sips & Shots tablet spiele kostenlos downloaden.

Foodie Photography

About 10 years ago or more I read an article about all the different “tricks” food stylists would use to make food look good on camera amazon fire tv stick serienen. Everything from cellophane “ice” and “milk” glue to browning agents and tweezer-applied sesame seeds–the works herunterladen!

Oh, sure, we know folks put their best food front-loaded and forward when it’s time for an advertising campaign or cookbook shoot, but can the average foodie can make their not-so-average food stand out in a still shot herunterladen?

Read the rest (and see some pictures) over at Nibbles & Bites!

Egg-cellent Egg Salad

Even though we’re all well past egg-hunting stage in my family, I still enjoy dying eggs for the occasion. The un-hunted egg is a prime candidate for egg salad sandwiches in the days after the holiday the escapists kostenlosen.

First, a tip for easy-peel eggs.

After the eggs have boiled (10 minutes is generally sufficient for a solid, yet tender, yolk) and you’ve drained off the boiling water, shake the eggs around in the pan enough to cause small cracks to appear spotify lieder herunterladen kosten. Then, as you cover the eggs with cold water to speed the cooling, water will seep in between the shells and the whites, making it easier to peel, later on sleepsongs to download.

I’ve also read that older eggs peel more easily than fresher ones.

Find my recent egg salad recipe over at Nibbles ‘n Bites herunterladen.