Speaking of Girls Next Door! One of the Girls, Bridget Marquardt has a Sirius show on Playboy Radio and I (try to remember to) listen to it from the office free youtube kostenlos downloaden mp3. It’s a morning show over in California but thanks to time-zones it plays live at 1pm, so works out pretty well for those of us on the East Coast herunterladen. (And, yes, it _was_ one of the deciding factors in getting a Sirius subscription.)

Anyway! Today’s show featured a kinda funny Bridget-ism:

Drexting (v) to text people (even those sitting across the table from you) while drunk

I love it pdf file for free! It’s the text-generation’s version of drunk-dialing only somewhat more fun and, you know, the messages can be saved for later 🙂 I only wish Bridget was on Twitter, that would be so much fun, Twitter-addict that I am geometry dash lite herunterladen. She said on the show not to ever give her your number, you will be drexted, but I think I’d be honored to get a drext from her.

[ETA: Oh app kostenlos! Bridget didn’t come up with this one! Urban Dictionary lists that version of drexting as early as January, 2007. There’s an alternate definition, as well, which is to text while driving photoshop tutorial deutsch kostenlos downloaden. The latter’s not exactly safe (though I admit to having done it before, in very slow-moving traffic) and I’d certainly hate to hear of a combined practice adobe cs6. What would that be called? Drextdring?]

More AlcoHolidaze!(tm)

Seems to be a theme we’re developing here, no? So I’ve given it a name (and a tag): AlcoHolidaze(tm)

Today, July 24th, is actually National Tequila Day so bring on those Margaritas canon photos! Sure, there are other things to do with ol’ Jose, but few are more fun.

Tomorrow (the 25th), on the other hand, is National Scotch Day… or is it the 27th nacon revolution pro 3 profile herunterladen? There seems to be some disagreement among the Internet about who gets to claim that honor, but you can cover your bases by indulging on both, just to be sure (as if you needed an excuse, right?) Personally I’m not all that fond of Scotch, it’s a bit too harsh for me wieso kann ich bei netflix keine filme downloaden. I’ll stick to the “clear” liquors and call it a night!

Speakin’ of Drinkin’

Seven Deadly Glasses by Hamilton Design are just… wow. I mean, really, those vessels are incredible games for xbox 360. Price available on request? I’m not sure I want to know because, um, I might be really tempted. Click through to the second page to see not only the rest of the glassware but the case, as well windows adk herunterladen. (Good thing I’ve sworn off superfluous purchases for the month!) (Link via
Tomorrow, July 19th, is National Daiquiri Day herunterladen. What’s your favorite flavor? Back home in Ponchatoula, of course, Strawberry reigns supreme but I had a yummy Mango Daiquiri last month at Red Lobster (of all places) that could stand-in quite nicely for some of the sub-par, mostly ice versions that abound rechner zumen. The key to the frozen daiquiri (which is what most of us are familiar with) is a high ratio of fruit to ice. Making sure all the ingredients are ice-cold before they go into the blender will also keep the mixture from becoming watered down too quickly (along with insulated cups!) herunterladen.

Find Some Rain and a Blender!

But don’t use one in the other…

Today is National Pina Colada day so have a little fruity fun if you are so inclined.

And speaking of getting caught in the rain…

This week’s comics required some reference photos that I had yet to take by last Sunday herunterladen. So, it’s thundering, but that doesn’t always mean much, but the boyfriend (soon to be introduced, I promise) and I still head out to the park herunterladen. Luckily he remembered to get the umbrella out of the car because the ‘it might not actually rain for a while, if at all’ turned into ‘it could just drizzle a bit then stop’ then into ‘we’re at the top of the trail, gotta keep going anyway.’ The camera stayed dry, I cannot say the same for the rest of us huk herunterladen. He was such a good sport, though, I think I really lucked up to have someone who will put up–with a smile!–with these little “adventures” of mine bücher für kindle downloaden.